20 Jan

10 Ideas for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

The best thing a plant lover living in high-rise buildings and condos is a balcony garden. A balcony garden can be an excellent retreat for urban gardeners. Fortunately, you do not have to be a master gardener to have a nice balcony garden in your apartment. All it takes is:

  • Selection of right kind of plants – evergreen plants that can survive outdoor climate throughout the year and do not require regular care and pruning
  • Selection of right kind of containers – lightweight containers with proper drainage (in a variety of shapes and styles) that can be adjusted to your limited space either placed on the floor, hung freely or fixed in the wall.
  • Aesthetic sense – create focal points and do some experiments and DIY projects to add colors and fun to your balcony garden

If you are looking for some ideas to spice up your balcony garden or design a new balcony garden from scratch, scroll down for 10 ideas for a beautiful balcony garden for some inspiration.

balcony window garden

Image from Flickr © Blackwings

flowers in balcony garden

Image from Flickr © Ms Adventuress

growing flowers in balcony garden

Image from laportaverde.com

simple balcony garden idea

Image from cepolina.com

gardening in balcony

Image by Jenny Downing

bushes and plants in balcony garden

Image from Flickr © Pouletsue

balcony garden idea

Image from janesrooms.com

small balcony garden

Image from myrentalpad.com

simple and cheap balcony garden

Image from rthtg.net

balcony garden design idea

Image from greenscrafts.blogspot.com

6 thoughts on “10 Ideas for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

  1. Please can you tell me what the plants around the balcony are in the first photo? titled: Image from Flickr © Blackwings. Is it from the bottom up or the other way around?


    love your blog btw. 🙂

  2. Thanks for appreciation. It is some kind of vine growing from bottom up. Not sure about the genus though.

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