31 May

10 Unique Ideas for Miniature Gardens

Containers are one of the most important parts of my design scheme. They can instantly impact and lift the look-and-feel of landscapes, miniature gardens, windows, patios, and indoor or outdoor plants. For this reason, selecting the right type of containers is very important both for the plant as well as your design scheme for miniature gardens. There are a number of factors that you should consider when selecting containers especially for miniature gardens. The foremost factor is the plant itself. Every plant has its own requirements and you must ensure that the texture, design, shape, and the material of the container suit the requirements of the plant.

Containers, these days, are made from a number of materials: wood, plastic, fiberglass, metals, clay, ceramic, stone, terracotta etc. Similarly, there are a lot of variations in shape, design and style especially for miniature gardens. Containers that are good for indoor plants may not serve the requirements of outdoor plants. Similarly, containers that are good for bushes or trees are not suitable for your miniature garden.

Besides the discussion of selecting the right containers for your plants, here are a few artistic and unique containers by ePlanters that you can use for your miniature gardens. They are unique, artistic and strikingly different.

plant container idea

plant container idea



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