22 Dec

A Virtual Tour to the Toronto Botanical Garden

The Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG), popularly known as ‘The little garden with big ideas’, is a non-profit horticultural and educational organization with a mission to connect people, plants and the natural world through education, inspiration and leadership.┬áSpanning over four acres, ┬áthe Toronto Botanical Garden features 17 themed gardens.

Toronto Botanical Garden

Toronto Botanical Garden / Image by Kirstie Warner (flickr)

Botanical garden

Image by End Use (flickr)

Toronto botanical garden

Image by Muhammad Ghouri (flickr)

the garden

Image by wyliepoon (flickr)

View of toronto botianical garden

Image by Kiril Strax (flickr)

Cacti garden

Image by chris@APL (flickr)

Flowers in Toronto botanical garden

Image by Kirstie Warner

trees in Toronto botanical garden

Image by Janine Cheung

Purple Tulips

Image by Anna Shevchenko


Image by lmnop88a (flickr)

White flowers

Image by scottjl (flickr)


Image by Janine Cheung (flickr)

beautiful garden

Image by Janine Cheung (flickr)

Lovely flowers

Image by Anna Shevchenko


Image by Lord of the Wings (flickr)

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