31 May

Agave Potatorum ‘Kissho Kan’, The Lucky Crown

Agave Potatorum ‘Kissho Kan’ is a compact, slow growing plant that bears short blue-grey leaves with yellow margins and red spines. Kissho Kan makes an excellent container plant because of its compact size(12 inches tall and 12 inches wide, max.), regular proportions and nicely variegated succulent leaves.

The plant is considered a Japanese cultivar and a distant cousin of Agave Parryi. The name Kissho Kan is translated as ‘happy crown’ or ‘lucky crown’.  Agave Potatorum Kissho Kan bears yellow blooms that grow on a long stalk like all other agave plants.

Agave Potatorum, Kissho Kan

Agave Potatorum, Kissho Kan

How to Grow Agave Potatorum ‘Kissho Kan’

Kissho Kan is easy to grow under filtered sunlight and moderate watering. Normally, it would grow solitary and form hemispherical shape. Mature plants produce offshoots that can be rooted and propagated easily. Kissho Kan withstands drought and cold spells to -3° C.

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