21 Dec

Aruncus Dioicus, The Goat’s Beard Plant

Aruncus Dioicus or Goat’s Beard belongs to a small genus of perennials from Europe, Asia and North America. The plant is grown for its broad, fern-like leaves that make it an excellent ornamental plant for landscapes. It also serves as an excellent foliage plant for gardens where it can be grown in shady spots to provide a rich background to flowering beds.

Aruncus Dioicus, Goat's Beard

Aruncus Dioicus, Image by Megan Hansen

Aruncus Dioicus does not have any special requirements of soil as it can be grown quite easily is almost any type of soil. Growing as a decent foliage plant, Aruncus Dioicus grows up to 2 meters and bears delicate plumes of creamy-white flowers in summer. The name ‘Aruncus’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘beard of goat’ because of the feathery plumes that actually resembles the beard of a goat.

Aruncus Dioicus belongs to the family of rose. It grows as a low-maintenance plant that has average watering requirements and grows in a well-drained soil under full sun to partial shade.

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