21 Jul

Black Eyed Susan in My Garden: Thunbergia Alata

Black Eyed Susan (Thunbergia Alata) is one of my favorite climbers. Fresh green leaves and bright orange and yellow flowers make it an excellent choice for gardeners as a climber of ornamental plant for hanging baskets. Native to Africa and Asia, Black Eyed Susan is easy to grow is most tropical and temperate regions of the world where it can be grown as ornamental climber. Flowers appear in summer and autumn.

Black Eyed Susan Flowers - Thunbergia Alata

Black Eyed Susan Flowers – Image by Shihmei Barger

How to Grow Black Eyed Susan/ Thunbergia Alata

Propagating from seeds and cuttings, Black Eyed Susan requires moist but well-drained soil. These fast growing climbers prefer full to partial sun and protection from frost. Black Eyed Susan is a perfect climber to be grown against fences, pergolas, trellis, and arches where it can grow up to 8 feet.

The name ‘Black Eyed Susan’ is also used for other flowering plants like Rudbeckia and Hibiscus.

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