01 Jul

Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 2

Simple DIY project to transform old, unused chairs in to delightful, decorative objects in your garden. See step-by-step guide for this lovely DIY by Just B.

Creative DIY Gardening Idea #2 by Just B

17 Jun

How to Keep Your Garden Fresh and Clean All Through the Year?

Keeping your garden fresh, clean and adorable all through the year is quite a challenging task. Not just because you have to maintain your plants for all seasons, add seasonal plants, and manage the space but also because you really have to plan your garden and organize yourself for the hobby. However, with a few practical and simple tips you can manage to keep your garden maintained,  fresh and clean for all seasons. Here are 9 tips for a fresh, green and clean garden for all seasons.

Example of a beautifully maintained garden

Beautiful Garden, Image from hydrochanger.com

  1. Mulch: Mulch retains moisture in summer, warmth in winter and helps suppress weeds. It gives beds a neat ‘finished‘ look.
  2. Deadheading: Deadheading keeps the plants looking nice and promotes blooming. Always keep a bucket and pruners handy to remove spent blooms and any dead leaves from the area.
  3. Plant Seasonal Annuals: By planting seasonal plants, you always have something green and in bloom for the most part of the year.
  4. Be creative with containers: Containers not only make it easy to keep bright spots in the garden, they can be used to add thematic and dramatic effects to your garden. Experiment with containers of different types, styles and materials. You can find plenty of unique containers for your plants. The best part of planting in containers is that you can easily move them around as needed.
  5. Grow Evergreen Plants: Get some evergreen shrubs and trees for structure and a spot of green year round. There are a number of evergreen flowering shrubs and climbers available that you can use creatively in your garden. You can grow them against trellis, pergolas, against walls or for hedging purposes. Try Mandevilla, Hebe and Syzygium.
  6. Explore: Explore and admire your garden daily; not just to get the joy of admiring your work but to also catch problems early such as unwanted insects, early symptoms of disease or possible crop failure, and respond immediately.
  7. Weeding: For most weeding is a chore but it is wonderfully therapeutic as  well. When you are stressed or just need to ‘escape’ for awhile, heading to my garden to weed is the ticket. It not only keeps the garden fresh and clean but also helps catch problems before they get out of hand.
  8. Get Early Crops: Plant new crops following harvest of an early crop – plant beans following lettuce, spinach and other cold-season crops. This keeps the garden producing, fills in those empty spots and provides less area for weeds to develop.
  9. Shoot and Enjoy: Take a camera! Experiment macro shots of blossoms, seedlings and more. You can archive those shot and enjoy them year round!

Thanks Kristen and themoonhowl for these tips!

31 Mar

Preparing for the Summer

I live in a sub-tropical region (where weather conditions resemble the climate of USDA Zone 10b) and maintain a roof-top succulent garden. The best part of growing my succulents on roof-top is maximum air flow almost throughout the year and good sunny conditions in winter. However, summer is harsh and I need to protect the plants from scorching sun as the temperature during the months of May, June and July soars to soar to 40–48 °C (104–118 °F).

Preparing for the summer, I spent this weekend setting up shelter for my plants.

roof top garden

my succulent garden

01 Mar

Top DIY Gardening Projects for this Season

I am a big fan of creative DIY gardening projects. There is nothing like venturing into a new DIY project on a weekend. I have hand picked some awesome DIY project for your inspiration.

DIY Hanging GardenCheap DIY project for a hanging display of plants

DIY Hanging Baskets

How to Repair a Lawn PatchDIY tips to repair lawn patches

DIY Repair Lawn Patch

DIY Glass Jar LanternsUse recycled glass jars to create lanterns

DIY Glass Jar Lanterns

DIY Succulent Wagon Another DIY project by Far Out Flora

DIY Succulent Wagon

Recommended Books:

Dirt Cheap Raised BedsUse old tires for cheap and durable raised beds

DIY raised garden with used tires

DIY Garden ScreensDIY project to add blocker screens

diy garden screen

DIY Bamboo Water HammerSimple DIY project to decorate your garden

diy bamboo water hammer

DIY Garden ChandelierBudget DIY project for creating beautiful garden chandelier

diy garden chandelier

Grow Peanuts at HomeSimple tips to grow your own peanuts

Grow Peanuts at Home

DIY Wooden PlanterNice DIY project for creating wooden planter when you are short of space

diy wodden planter

DIY Succulent TableMatti’s Succulent Table project at Far Our Flora.

DIY Succulent Table

DIY Tin Can Garden LanternA 30 minutes budget DIY with tin cans, wire, spray paint and drilling machine – the result is simple and awesome.

diy tin can garden lanterns

DIY Plant LabelingSimple DIY project to label your plants. All you need is a pinch of imagination.

diy plant labeling

02 Feb

My Succulent Garden

These days my succulent garden is undergoing major changes – in fact a major re-design primarily because of a small construction project. Because of the new construction, I had to squeeze my succulent garden and give away some 475 sq.ft. of space. I am experimenting with rest of the space and trying to accommodate as many plants as I can. Here is a sneak preview of my succulent garden. I will post a detailed virtual tour of my succulent garden later. By the way, it is a roof-top succulent garden.

my succulent garden

My Succulent Garden

My Succulent Garden Part 1

My Succulent Garden Part 2

My Succulent Garden Part 3

My Succulent Garden Part 4

My Succulent Garden Part 5

Agaves in My Succulent Garden

20 Jan

10 Ideas for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

The best thing a plant lover living in high-rise buildings and condos is a balcony garden. A balcony garden can be an excellent retreat for urban gardeners. Fortunately, you do not have to be a master gardener to have a nice balcony garden in your apartment. All it takes is:

  • Selection of right kind of plants – evergreen plants that can survive outdoor climate throughout the year and do not require regular care and pruning
  • Selection of right kind of containers – lightweight containers with proper drainage (in a variety of shapes and styles) that can be adjusted to your limited space either placed on the floor, hung freely or fixed in the wall.
  • Aesthetic sense – create focal points and do some experiments and DIY projects to add colors and fun to your balcony garden

If you are looking for some ideas to spice up your balcony garden or design a new balcony garden from scratch, scroll down for 10 ideas for a beautiful balcony garden for some inspiration.

balcony window garden

Image from Flickr © Blackwings

flowers in balcony garden

Image from Flickr © Ms Adventuress

growing flowers in balcony garden

Image from laportaverde.com

simple balcony garden idea

Image from cepolina.com

gardening in balcony

Image by Jenny Downing

bushes and plants in balcony garden

Image from Flickr © Pouletsue

balcony garden idea

Image from janesrooms.com

small balcony garden

Image from myrentalpad.com

simple and cheap balcony garden

Image from rthtg.net

balcony garden design idea

Image from greenscrafts.blogspot.com