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09 Feb

10 Best Vines to Grow in Your Garden


Thunbergia (Black-eyed Susan)

Known for its bright yellow flowers, Black-eyed Susan is an easy to grow vine. It prefers a moist but well-drained soil under bright sunlight. Black-eyed Susan can be easily trained to twine up fences, walls, pergolas, and privacy screens in a garden, deck or backyard. This lovely vine can grow up to 5 feet and produces attractive flowers in early or mid-fall. Some varieties also bear orange, white, blue and violet flowers.

Popular varieties include Thunbergia alata (yellow, orange and white flowers) and Thunbergia grandiflora (violet flowers).



Clematis are one of the widely planted and the best vines to grow in gardens. They are popular for their attractive flowers that come in many different shades of red, pink, yellow, blue, purple and white. Clematis are usually easy to grow in a warm and sunny spot but they can tolerate spells of cold when protected from chilling winds and frost. The spring bloomers can be trained to twine up trellis and pergolas. The vine can grow up to 15 feet or more. A large number of varieties varying in size, growing habit and color of flowers are available for gardeners and horticulturists.


Parthenocissus is a small genus of climbing vines from the family of grapes. These fast-growing plants are the best vines to grow against a wall, fence, or almost any other structure in your garden that you want to cover or hide. These clinging vines can easily attach themselves to almost any surface with abundant and beautiful foliage. Most species of Parthenocissus benefit from bright sunlight and a well-drained soil. Popular species include Parthenocissus quinquefolia (also know as Virgina Creeper) and Parthenocissus tricuspidata (Boston Ivy).





10 Mar

Weekly Magazine: Garden Dispatch # 8

Welcome to this week’s Garden Dispatch.

The Garden Dispatch is a weekly compilation of landscape and garden design resources. In this issue, explore:

DIY: How to Grow Moss in Your Garden

Moss Garden

Plant Care: How to prune like a PRO

How to Prune

Great Gardens: The Biggest Rooftop Garden in the World

Rooftop Greenhouse

Plant of the Week: Cornish Lily

Cornish Lily

Garden Projects: Patio Garden make-over – New blends with Old

Patio Makeover

DIY: How to build a raised garden bed

Raised Garden Bed

Garden Birds: How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

How to attract birds to your garden

12 Apr

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28 Feb

Resources for Air Plants Enthusiasts

Sequel to my last post about air plants and tips for their cultivation indoor and outdoor, here are a few resource for air plants enthusiasts.

Where to buy air plants

  • Just AirPlants – A family run nursery specialising in Tillandsia (Airplants) and other Bromeliads.
  • Tillandsia International – One of the largest grower of air plants in North America.
  • Russells Air Plants – Grower and exporter of air plants in Florida.
  • Rainforest Flora – One of the oldest air plants nurseries in North America. Rainforest Flora grows Tillandsia for wholesale and retail customer. Matti has covered Tillandsia collection of Rainforest Flora here.

Learning Resources