15 Jul

Colorful, Fragrant Flowering Plant: Matthiola Incana

Widely grown and known for its sweet fragrant flowers, Matthiola is a genus of annual and perennial flowering plants from Asia, South Africa, parts of Europe and Mediterranean regions. Ideal for flower beds, borders and window gardens, Matthiola are easy to grow flowering plants with a number of hybrid varieties available today. These hybrid varieties include both tall and low growing plants; some of these varieties grow quite rapidly and flower within two months of germination.

Matthiola are good cut flowers and a good choice for bouquets because of their sweet fragrance.

One of the most popular specie is Matthiola Incana, which is usually known as Stock. It bears grey-green leaves and produces purple, mauve, red, pink, blue or white single or double flowers.

Matthiola Incana

Matthiola Incana, Image by douneika (flickr)

How to Grow Matthiola Incana/ Stock

Matthiola prefers bright sun with moist but well-drained soil. It can be propagated easily from seeds sown in spring for good summer flowering. In colder climates, sow seeds in summer for a good flowering season in next spring.

Matthiola Incana  is also known as Garden Stock, Ten-week Stock or Gillyflower.

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