13 Dec

Colorful Shrub for Hedges and Screens: Photinia Glabra ‘Rubens’

Today’s featured plant is Photinia Glabra ‘Rubens’ – another tropical shrub ideal for hedges, dividers, screen, topiary projects or outdoor specimen plant – very versatile plant indeed. Native to Pakistan and parts of South and East Asia, Photinia is grown for its colorful foliage. Typically, a plant would contain old green leaves and new growth of glossy red foliage. As the winter approached the entire turns red.

Photinia Glabra, Colorful Shrub

Photinia Glabra, Image Tatiana Gerus

Photinia Glabra produces dense foliage and grows up to 6 meters as evergreen shrub. Flowers appear in profuse sprays of tiny white flowers. Flowering is followed by fruition in the form of small red berries that eventually turn black.

Almost all species of Photinia can be propagated easily by softwood cuttings planted in summer. Since these plants belong to the family of rose, they require a good soil mix and ample water to flourish well. For best results, provide Photinia Glabra with bright sunlight, regular trimming and fertilizer at least once a year.

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