16 Sep

Cunonia Capensis: The Red Alder of South Africa

Cunonia is a small genus of flowering trees and shrubs with evergreen and ornamental foliage. Most of the species are distributed across South Africa whereas some grow towards east coast in to Natal. The most popular of all species is Cunonia Capensis which is grown as ornamental foliage plant in gardens. It bears beautiful glossy green leaves with shades of red and pink. Flowers are very showy and appear in dense spikes of cream color. These fragrant flowers attract butterflies, garden birds and honey bees that pollinate flowers and spread seeds of the plant.

Cunonia Capensis

Cunonia Capensis, Image by Tony Rodd

How to Grow Cunonia Capensis

Cunonia Capensis is an excellent choice when you are looking for a decent foliage plant for all seasons. It requires moderate water (do not over water but do not allow the plant to dry for a longer period). Almost all species of Cunonia grow under partial sunlight and bloom in mid-summer.

Cunonia Capensis is commonly known as Red Alder or Butterspoon Tree.

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