20 Dec

Digital Plant Care Sensor for Gardeners

How technology is going to change our gardening habit is anybody’s guess.  I just came across PlantSmart, a digital plant care sensor that analyzes soil conditions and measures temperature, moisture and sunlight to recommend suitable plants for your lawn, soil beds or indoor gardens from a database of 6000 plants.

plantsmart digital plant care sensor

All you have to do is insert PlantSmart in your soil bed for 24 hours and let it gather essential information. Once data has been collected, connect PlantSmart with a PC or Mac and see full report of your garden. Based on the report, PlantSmart recommends a list of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs or houseplants that would thrive well in your home or garden – no guesswork, no frustration.

PlantSmart also guides you through all the steps (pruning, fertilizing etc.) that you need to know to keep your plants healthy.

Collect Data

Place PlantSmart anywhere in your gardening area. You can place it in indoor containers, landscapes, small soil beds or in a greenhouse.

plantsmart digital gardening tool

Get Report

Connect PlantSmart via USB connector to a PC or Mac with Internet connection to view detailed report of your gardening environment and download a customized list of plants based on your environmental conditions, geographical location and the type or soil and water.

plantsmart gardening report

Select Plants

Select plants from a list of vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs or houseplants.

Keep Growing

Get step-by-step expert advice for your favorite plants.

This digital plant care sensor is useful for beginners as well as expert gardeners. It not only provides customized reports but also helps you figure out why your favorite plant thrives well in one part of your garden, but not another. PlantSmart actually takes out the guesswork and help you become expert gardener from beginner.

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