15 Aug

Easy to Grow Foliage Plant: Kochia Scoparia (Summer Cypress)

Kochia scoparia or Summer Cypress (Buy seeds online) is a hardy and drought-tolerant foliage plant grown as ornamental as well as forage plant. It is a quick growing plant that tends to form rounded or pyramid body of dense leaves and branches. Young plants of Kochia are bright green and color but turn red in colder climate as they mature. Thin and finely cut leaves of Kochia add to its ornamental value. It is useful as accent plant in landscapes and grows in almost any soil (rich, sandy, alkaline, poor etc.) except very acidic conditions. For this reason, Kochia is sometimes grown at mass level to control soil erosion, and for reclamation or re-vegetation of land.

Kochia scoparia can spread very quickly and become invasive in warm and dry climates where it breaks off from the base and is blown by winds as a tumbleweed. In landscapes and gardens, it can be contained by frequent trimming especially before formation of seed heads in spring.

Kochia Scoparia contains higher levels of protein and oxalate than most grasses and fodder plants, thus it also serves as a forage crop for livestock. However, high intake of Kochia scoparia can be toxic for most animals therefore  it should be used sparingly and mixed with other forage plants .

Kochia Scoparia, Summer Cypress Plant

Kochia Scoparia, Image by Shin Kusano

How to Grow Kochia

Kochia is fairly easy to grow and does not have any special requirements. Propagated from seeds, Kochia requires bright sunlight and moderate water.

8 thoughts on “Easy to Grow Foliage Plant: Kochia Scoparia (Summer Cypress)

  1. Amazing Kochia Scoparia . Ornamental and suitable for warm climate. A drought resistant as well. Ability to grow in any time during growing season. I think in Pakistan this plant can be useful having a hot soil temperature conditions !

  2. Be careful, the USDA website says “This plant is or can be noxious and/or invasive in some areas. Please consult the PLANTS Web site and your State Department of Natural Resources for this plant’s current status”

  3. Kochia scoparia is a noxious weed in parts of the USA … it’s another species, Kochia prostrata, that is a good forage plant.

  4. Today i saw it on ebay and amazon
    i really love it T_T and i want to have it T_T
    but after few hours, i felt tired, i couldn’t find a good seller or store that i belived. How can i buy it and ship to My VietNam :(( ?

  5. This is NOT a forage plant (can be toxic and has no nutritional value) and is an invasive species in a vast portion of the US. It is commonly called TUMBLEWEED in the southwestern US. It is horrible and next to impossible to eradicate. Do NOT promote this plant. http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/…/kochia-plant-info.htm

  6. DO NOT plant this invasive weed; it can be toxic to livestock and is very hard to eradicate in farm ground

  7. Actually they had that backwards from what research I did lochia prostrata is invasive weed more so than the lochia scoparia witch is more of and ortimental or garden shrub that turns red in colder climates and towards fall and as it matures but they can all be invasive if not took care of.

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