The Lovely Plants

Evergreen Shrub with Lovely Fragrant Flowers: Pimelea

Pimelea is a genus of evergreen flowering shrubs from New Zealand and Australia. These herbaceous perennials are grown for their fragrant and very showy flowers. Flowers of Pimelea grow in clusters and resembles clustered flowers of Ixora. Pink Rice Flower or Pimelea Ferruginea is among popular shrubs from this genus. It grows as small (up to 1 meter) evergreen shurb with dark green and glossy leaves with rose-pink flowers in spring or summer.

Pimelea Ferruginea, Image by Barry Michael

Suitable for both landscapes and container gardening, Pimelea Ferruginea requires regular watering and partial sunlight to flourish. It is easy to propagate from cuttings. Like all other species of Pimelea, Pink Rice Flower prefers temperate climate, however, it is equally good for cooler climates where it is protected from frost. Pimelea Ferruginea makes a good landscape or border plant in gardens.