22 Aug

Fast Growing Ornamental Groundcover: Duchesnea Indica

Duchesnea Indica is a quick growing, ornamental plant that spreads quickly to serve as a good groundcover. Popularly known as Indian Strawberry or Mock Strawberry, Duchesnea Indica bears ornamental foliage and fruit – both resemble the foliage and fruit of real strawberry plants, however the fruit of Mock Strawberry is quite tasteless.

Duchesnea Indica grows natively in south Asia and parts of eastern Asia as a low growing perennial. The plant has been acclimatized in many parts of the worlds where it is grown as ornamental houseplant. Suitable as groundcover, for container gardening and window gardens, these low growing plants do not require special care. In fact, they can withstand neglect.

Duchesnea Indica, Mock Strawberry, Indian Strawberry

Duchesnea Indica, Image by Shihmei Barger

How to Grow Duchesnea Indica

Mock Strawberry can be grown easily from divisions or seeds as evergreen groundcover. It requires full to partial sun and tolerates drought and frost – a good choice for xeriscaping. Duchesnea Indica self-seeds in favorable conditions and becoming quite invasive.

8 thoughts on “Fast Growing Ornamental Groundcover: Duchesnea Indica

  1. Nice. Mock Strawberry though resembling with the true strawberry but it can be differentiated as its flowers are yellowish unlike the true strawberry which has pinkish flowers. And its ornamental wow. Don know about its aroma but it would be pleasant for sure.

  2. Yes, it is very ornamental. How are your moss rose doing? Did they bloom? We have had a splendid season with them.

  3. Hi Waqas! Moss Roses were doing well when they were restricted in their tiny original pots from the nursery until I replanted them – they are growing and look healthy but the flower buds won’t open… producing multiple buds on the end of each stem which never seem able to open… Maybe some kind of nutrient imbalance? Or is it too hot for them?

  4. What a coincidence. I just saw this mock strawberry plant at Reader Rock Garden here in Calgary, Canada this week. It’s a vigorous ground cover that is currently fruiting and in flower. The flowers here are bright yellow and I love the spiky, ornamental little button-like fruit. You expect a flavour explosion like a wild strawberry – but no such luck.

    Enjoying your posts!

  5. I hope so! It has been particularly humid this august, so the combination of super hot and high humidity must have been a bit too much for ’em. Can’t wait to see the bloom again – got pink and peach in a turquoise planter – reminds me of an ice cream sundae!

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