12 Jun

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Green Thumbs

1. Louvered Wooden Planters ($49.99 / gardeners.com) – Wooden planters with a grow bag inside. Neat surface finish with option to paint to match garden theme.

2. Sue Patrick Garden Labels ($5 per label/ etsy.com) – Made from white stoneware clay and finished with a clear glaze, these lovely labels are a creative way to mark plants and garden beds.

Garden Labels

Garden Labels by Sue Patrick

3. Garden Rain Gauge ($12.95/ plowhearth.com) – Beautiful and practical garden rain gauge sculpture; crafted of metal and resin with a glass gauge.

4. Black & Decker PlantSmart ($50/ blackanddecker.com) – Digital plant care sensor that analyzes soil conditions, temperature, moisture and sunlight to recommend suitable plants from a database of 6000 plants.

5. Moleskine Gardening Journal ($19.95/ moleskine.com) – Practical gardening journal with 5 themed sections to fill in, 5 tabbed sections to personalize, plants and pots information, hardiness zones, garden log, design grids, plant care records and more.

Gardening Journal

Gardening Journal

6. Scrollwork Hose Hanger ($19.95/ gardeners.com) an economical but very useful and stylish hanger to keep the hose neatly coiled and free of bends and cracks.

7. Plant Stand Trio ($170/ gardeners.com) – Sturdy and elegant set of three tables (small, medium and large) for displaying a variety of plants. Good for gardens, patios, exhibits etc.

Plant Trio

Plants Trio

8. Revolver Spray Nozzle ($14.95/ gardeners.com) – Heavy-duty spray nozzle with 9 different spray patterns; comfortable and ergonomic grip and quick-click selection.

9. Rolling Compost Tumbler ($139.99/ gardeners.com) – Easy to assemble compost tumbler with 43 gallons capacity; light-weight, easy to movement, and rugged body.

10. Planters with Trellis and Water Reservoir ($129.95/ plowhearth.com) – Weather-resistant polyethylene planters with 2-gallon self-watering reservoir. Smooth-rolling wheels with locking casters let you move it and station it easily; Available in white and green colors.

11. Cordless Hedge Trimmer ($50/ blackanddecker.com) – Powerful 4.0 amp motor for superior cutting performance. Full wrap-around front handle provides a comfortable gripping area in all cutting orientations.

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