The Lovely Plants

Feijoa: The Pineapple-Guava Fruit Plant

Feijoa is an evergreen shrub or small tree from warmer climates of South America, Australia and New Zealand and is known particularly for its fruit and lovely flowers. Commonly known as Pineapple Guava because of its sweet and aromatic fruit, Feijoa has been in cultivation as ornamental plant for a long time.

Feijoa Flowers

Feijoa makes an excellent ornamental plant in landscape where it can be grown as small tree or as trimmed hedges or garden screens. Though a bit slow grower, Feijoa performs very well as ornamental plant that produces lovely flowers of pink and purple colors. Leaves are leathery green and are soft and smooth to touch. Fruit usually ripens in autumn. It is of the size of a small guava and emits a pleasant smell which is reminiscent of pineapple and guava, strawberry and passion fruit. Feijoa fruit has very short shelf life and is usually consumed locally – majorly in salads, jams, smoothies and just as edible fruit. The pulp is also used in cosmetics as exfoliating agent.

Feijoa Fruit

Feijoa requires partial shade and protection from scorching heat. It can withstand frost and winter drought, however, lack of water causes the fruit to drop. Thus it is advised to irrigate Feijoa with regular but moderate watering. It is usually propagated from seeds though they grow very slow while they are young. A number of cultivars are also available that produce lovely flowers and attract a lot of gardens birds and bees.

Popular cultivars include: Feijoa Apollo, F. Coolidge, F. Moore, F. Gemini, and Feijoa Triumph.