04 Jul

Flowering Shrub for Perennial Borders: Eupatorium purpureum

Eupatorium is a genus of perennial shrubs that are distributed widely in tropical climates of America, Africa and Asia. These flowering shrubs are popular among gardeners as late season perennials when only a few plants bloom.

Most species of Eupatorium produce attractive and fluffy flowers of pink or mauve colors, and grow as tough and hardy shrubs. Among popular species, Eupatorium purpureum is grown widely for its ornamental flowers. The plant spreads in clumps and grows up to 2 meters.

Eupatorium purpureum

Eupatorium purpureum, Joe Pye weed, Image by Carolyn Willitts

Eupatorium purpureum prefers full to partial sun, slightly moist soil and regular watering. It produces purple-pink flowers in late summer or early autumn. These vanilla-scented flowers appear in large bunches and attract birds and butterflies.

Eupatorium purpureum serves as a nice ornamental shrub even when not in bloom. It can be grown in  perennial borders, landscapes or backyard garden for its fragrance and ability to attract a variety of butterflies. The plant, however, needs sufficient space to grow and bloom. For best results, prune back at the end of every flowering season.

Common names of Eupatorium purpureum are Indian Sage and Joe Pye weed.

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