11 Feb

Flowering Shrubs for Borders and Landscapes: Eupatorium

Eupatorium is a genus of flowering shrubs of wide distribution across temperate regions of Asia, North Africa, Mexico and Europe. These tall and semi-woody shrubs produce tufts of fluffy flowers of purple, white, pink or mauve colors. Good for borders and dividers, these evergreen shrubs are equally good as landscape or garden specimen plants that withstand a bit neglect.

Though foliage of Eupatorium is a bit coarse, these flowering shrubs should be in your list because of their delightful summer flowers and the variety of sizes, textures and flowers.

Eupatorium Purpureum, Sweet Joe Pye Weed

Eupatorium Purpureum, Image by Kingsbrae Garden (flickr)

Most of the species are self-seeding and can be grown from easily from seeds sown in fall. Eupatorium are not fussy about growing conditions. They only require moderate watering and a spot where they can receive good amount of sunlight. Most species of Eupatorium grow in a regular soil mix.

Eupatorium Cannabinum is the most popular of all species. Commonly known as Hemp Argimony, this perennial shrub grows up to 2 meters in dense cluster of erect branches. Flowers are pink and grow small fluffy tufts.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is another popular species characterized by fluffy white flowers and fresh green leaves that are used in traditional medicine for curing flu and fever. It is called by many common names including: Boneset, Thoroughwort, Feverwort, Agueweed and Indian Sage.

The plant in picture is Eupatorium Purpureum (Joe Pye Weed).

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