19 Aug

For the love of Bougainvillea

I sat down to write something about Bougainvillea but I feel I do not have words worthy of its praise. Bougainvillea has a special value in my life – it is harbinger of spring.

The lovely and show colors of Bougainvillea are signs of spring and warm sunny season. The lush colors of Bougainvillea fill our local landscape to absorb all the rough and harsh texture of the surroundings. I just love it.

See and enjoy yourself…


Image by Asha Susan

Magenta Bougainvillea

Image by y Simone Zucchelli

Orange Bougainvillea

Image by Janex & Alba

Bougainvillea bracts

Image by Andres Hernandez S.

Mix Color Bougainvillea

Image by by Slices of Light (flickr)

White Bougainvillea

Image by Saad Faruque

Pink Bougainvillea

Image by Leonora Enking

Purple Bougainvillea

Image by Terri Needham

Bougainvillea shrub

Image by Tushar Pokle


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