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Galtonia candicans, The Berg Lily

Galtonia is a genus of bulbous plants from South Africa that grow in dense clumps and produce tall spikes of beautiful white flowers in late summer. Galtonia candicans is perhaps the most popular species in this genus. The plant is featured by lance-shaped leaves that grow up to 1.5 meter and tall spikes that bear bell-shaped fragrant flowers.

Galtonia candicans, Berg Lily

Galtonia candicans is winter-dormant and produces new growth of leaves in spring. The fragrant and long lasting flowers appear in summer. The plant usually prefers a fertile and well-drained but moist soil under full sun. It is frost tender and needs protection from long spells of winter.
Galtonia candicans can be grown from seed as well as divisions. It can be grown in containers as well as in flower beds where it fills empty spaces makes an excellent choice as companion plant for many other summer bloomers.
Galtonia candicans is commonly known as Berg Lily.