14 Jul

Garden Dispatch # 1

The Garden Dispatch is a weekly compilation of useful and interesting resources for gardeners and landscape designers.

How to turn empty spaces into a beautiful meadow

With a little planning and selection of the right species, it is not difficult to transform woodland into a beautiful meadow. Read more on making a beautiful meadow out of an empty landscape.

Meadow Design

Geranium palmatum

Looking for something new to try in your perennial garden? Try Geranium palmatum; it is not fussy about growing conditions and produces lovely flowers in later spring or early summer. Read: How to grow Geranium palmatum.
Geranium palmatum

A Garden Makeover

Follow this link to see how a nondescript front yard can be transformed into a remarkable garden.

Frontyard Design

How to grow Safrron

Corcus sativus, is a beautiful autumn-flowering perennial known primarily for the production of precious Saffron. Saffron is widely used in Indian, Persian, European, Arab, and Turkish cuisines and is sold for $4.00 and $17.00 per gram. Besides its commercial and culinary usage, Corcus sativus has its horticultural value too. The plant produces brilliantly hued flowers of pastel shade that range from lilac to mauve. These lovely flowers have a sweet aroma that is reminiscent of honey and grassy or hay-like notes. Read more about growing Saffron in your own garden. Read more on growing Saffron in your garden.


How to prune groundcovers and grasses

Read these useful tips on pruning groundcovers and grasses to keep your garden neat and attractive.

Prunning tips

DIY: Grow a small herb garden in your apartment

Living in apartments and high-rise buildings should not subdue your passion for gardening. There is a lot that you can grow under limited light, humidity and temperature conditions. Here is an interesting article on growing a small herb garden in your apartment by Erin Boyle

Herbs garden

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