27 Jan

Garden Dispatch # 7

The Garden Dispatch is a weekly compilation of useful and interesting resources for gardeners and landscape designers.

Growing vegetables in a small space garden

Growing Vegetables in a Small Garden

You do not really have to have a sprawling backyard to grow your own vegetables. You can get an impressive yield from your small space garden, all you have to do is selecting using the right techniques and selecting suitable plants. Here is a list of 9 best vegetables to grow in your small space garden.


How to rescue and repair a flooded garden

How to Rescue and Repair a Flooded Garden

Weather your garden is waterlogged or completely flooded, there are ways to rescue your garden. Start with removing silt and debris, clean up dead plants and rotting material,  condition your soil, help surviving plants thrive and then start planting new ones. See Kate Wall’s step-by-step guide on rescuing and repairing a flooded garden.

Easy Growing Orchids

6 Easiest Orchid to Grow in Your Garden

Follow this informative conversation on growing some of the easiest-growing orchids in your garden.


Growing Hepaticas for Early Spring Blossoms

Want to try something new this year? Try Hepaticas. Known for their pink, purple, blue, and white flowers, Hepaticas make excellent early spring bloomers. Though not widely cultivates in gardens, growing these lovely bloomers is rewarding when you want to try something new in your garden. See: How to grow Hepaticas.

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