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Hardy, Evergreen Flowering Shrub: Kalmia Angustifolia

Widely known as Sheep Laurel, Kalmia Angustifolia is a low growing flowering shrub suitable as ornamental plan in gardens. Native to Cuba and parts of North America, Kalmia is a good choice for gardens and landscapes both as foliage plant and flowering shrub. Leaves of Kalmia are dark and glossy green. They are known to be poisonous for sheep. Waxy crimson, white, pink and purple flowers appear in spring.

Kalmia Angustifolia, Image by K. A. Kron

How to Grow Kalmia Angustifolia

Depending on climate, Kalmia grows well in full or partial sun. Usually grown from seeds, It is frost tolerant and requires moderate watering and rich, acidic soil.

Other popular species are Kalmia Latifolia and K. Microphylla.