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How to Set up Your Garden Furniture

The placement of your garden furniture can make or break your garden. Having a bench in the right place can enhance the enjoyment of your garden or it can show you all the flaws. It is therefore important to make sure that your garden furniture is in a place that is comfortable and shows your garden in its best light.

How to Arrange Garden Furniture

Start With a Plan

If you are much organised, you will have thought out your furniture placement before you have even landscaped your garden. However, if you are not, and a garden bench was an inspired afterthought, then worry not. Sketching out your garden, either on computer software or good old pencil and paper, will help you to visualise what it will look like, whether it will fit, etc, etc. Try to draw it to scale, and make sure you note prominent bushes and trees. Make a note of the empty spaces where your table, chairs, loungers or garden bench will work.


Go out into your garden and sit or stand where you have noted that furniture might work. Think about what your garden looks like from this angle. Consider the sights, smells and whether there are any overbearing trees that might provide shade on a different part of the day. Overhanging trees might make the maintenance of your furniture that little bit more difficult, and attract insects such as midges that you might not want if you are eating or relaxing. You should also take into consideration whether you can see into others’ gardens and whether they can see into yours. Take a measuring tape and plan out where they might sit.

Garden Bench Arrangement

Largest First

The largest pieces of your furniture should go in your garden first. A dining set or a garden bench might be the focus of your garden if you place it in the middle, but may look crowded if you add another piece. If you place it to one side, your garden may more easily accommodate more furniture. Once you have placed the main pieces, then you will have a better idea of where the smaller pieces will look good.


Like any other room, it will not look complete until the finishing touches are there. Whether it is garden lights, water features or birdfeeders, you will only be happy when you have placed your new dining set or garden bench with the accessories that set them off perfectly.

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