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15 Ideas for a Beautiful Stone Pathway for Your Garden

Pathways provide a nice solution when you want to control the flow of traffic in your garden. They are also useful when you want to replace uneven and muddy paths with a neat, even and functional pathway.

There are a number of natural and manufactured materials available for laying out garden pathways. My favorite material is stone. It is cost-effective, durable and easy available. Stone is also available in many colors and sizes. Depending on the size and layout of your garden, you can carve out neat and attractive garden pathways using stone. Be creative with you designs but make sure that your design in practical. Do not add unnecessary curves because mowing around curved path is a bit difficult. Also make sure that the surface is even and provides smooth flow of rainwater.

Ideas for a Beautiful Garden Pathway

The following is a collection of 15 impressive ideas for beautiful pathways built with stone.

Mosaic pathway built with stone:

Large rectangular stepping stones in this garden look nice and form a symmetrical design.
A simple and cost-effective design made with gravel and stone.
Another simple and attractive pathway made with small rectangular pieces of stone.
Nicely trimmed and cemented pathway made of stone.
A modern pathway design made of gravel and stone slabs.
Another simple and cost-effective for smaller gardens.
Another modern and attractive design.
A simple yet beautiful pathway leading from the front door right into the garden.
Beautiful pathway design with two columns of stepping stones.
Gravel and stone used to form a nice, durable pathway.
Attractive side walks made with tiles of stone.
Mosaic pathway made of stone.
A beautiful example of pathway made with stone.
A traditional designed with stone.