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8 Simple and Practical Ideas for Water Features and Fountains

Garden designers would agree that water features and fountains make powerful design elements. Water not only adds sound and motion to the landscape but also gives an ethereal touch to the environment. Browse these simple and practical design ideas for water features and fountains to your garden.

Try these simple water features to add music and motion to your garden landscape.

Beautiful Water Features and Fountains


A really simple and low-cost water feature that you can build yourself.


You can also use terracotta planters to make an economical yet attractive water feature.


A delicate water feature when you have plenty of room in your garden.


Another DIY project that you should try to build this bubbling fountain.


A beautiful water feature for small space gardens.


A delicate mix of greenery and architectural design.


A creative and impressive design that you can try to build a stream of water in your garden.