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Indoor Ornamental Air Plant: Tillandsia Tenuifolia

Tillandsia, commonly known as Air Plants, is a genus of evergreen epiphytic plants from tropical, sub-tropical regions of America and the Caribbean. Suitable for indoor greenhouses, terrariums or indoor gardens, these unusual plants grow without soil and obtain moisture and nutrients from air. Most species of Tillandsia grow as small rosettes or form moss-like plants.

Tillandsia are easy to grow, in fact, they are maintenance-free plants when provided with the right level of moisture and temperature. These unusual plants require bright sunlight, preferably direct sunlight in the morning, and a temperature not exceeding 26◦ C. Since these plants obtain moisture from air, just spray these plants once or twice a day. Liquid fertilizer can be added to spray occasionally.

Tillandsia Tenuifolia

Though there are a number of species sold commercially, one of the most popular and ornamental is Tillandsia Tenuifolia. It is a small ‘succulent’ rosette of grey-green leaves that produces showy pink bracts in spring followed by red or purple petals. An excellent plant for greenhouses or indoor gardens, Tillandsia Tenuifolia can be grown almost anywhere in your home or apartment where moisture level is a bit high such as bathroom, kitchen, patio garden or anywhere else in your home.