The Lovely Plants

Indoor Plants: Real or Artificial?

Being an admirer of nature, plants are one of the elements that I always miss in modern, urban lifestyle. They have been an important part of human life not only as source of food and timber but also for their serenity – serenity that we miss today in urban landscapes. There are so many shrubs, tiny flowering plants, small foliage plants, ground covers and vines that used to grow naturally around us before we started replacing them with bricks and mortar. Fortunately, there are still many ways to add greenery around us and enhance life at homes and workplaces. Of course, there are some limitations of space and climate in metropolitan areas (as you cannot grow large pines trees in your small garden or set up a roof top garden on your apartments), but you can still grow a wide range of plants in your balcony garden or set up a small window garden.

However for those who do not naturally ‘green thumbs’ or do not have time to take care of plants on regular basis, artificial indoor plants are the best way to add natural element to their workplace or apartment life.  Artificial plants, these days are made of natural fibers, real wood stems, and long lasting materials that make these plants look as natural as real plants.

If you cannot maintain natural plants or do not have sufficient space and climate for your favorite plants, getting some artificial indoor plants makes much sense. They add tranquility to the environment and do not require regular maintenance (no pruning, no watering, no insects etc.). They are cost effective too especially if you are investing in artificial office plants. They can be moved easily without the chance of damage or disturbing the plant. You can place them in any corner of your home or office. Moreover, you have  large choice of indoor as well as artificial outdoor plants to select from: trees, climbers, palms, grasses, ground covers, succulents and cacti.

Here are a few artificial indoor plants that I came across at Silk Plants Direct.