10 Jun

Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses

In an earlier post, I shared nine ornamental grasses that you can use for designing your garden landscape. Today, I am sharing some brilliant examples of landscapes and gardens that use ornamental grasses.

Growing ornamental grasses in containers – a brilliant idea indeed.

Grass in containers

A nice use of hardy and drought tolerant grass in a xeriscape.

Xeriscaping with hardy grass

Evergreen landscape with ornamental grasses.

Landscaping with Grass

A very handsome mix of ornamental grasses growing in a bed for a dramatic effect.

Grasses in garden

Excellent bed of evergreen ornamental grasses.

Growing grasses in a bed

Nice use of ornamental grass in a pathway.

Growing grasses in pathway

One thought on “Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses

  1. I love the pictures here of the Bunch Grasses. There is some much alternative to the convention American Lawn. I wish more folks did, although many already are. They are deeper rooted, and with the proper mycorrhizal colonization will often in the correct situation take care of their own.

    That walkway with the bright green low growing grasses in the second to the last photo, is that Mexican Stipa grass in the background ? I think it’s beautiful, but it will take a bit of maintenance as it needs the usual thinning, something nature accomplishes with animals. But also for me when I lived in San Diego Co and supervised the landscape division for a property management company forund that it could easily become weedy and naturalize itself everywhere.

    Still I love the bunch grass themes. Over here in Sweden where I’m presently residing for the moment folks prefer lawn, but then all they have to do is mow. It rains so much that watering is unnecessary. Same with folks back east in USA. Large lawns maintained with riding lawnmowers is the only way to go. Of course it is a bit on the lazzy side. Bunch grass is more of an artistic challenge. Even maintain conventional lawns can be back breaking. Lawns were my worst favourite maintenance issue. Plus conventional lawns out there in the west need constant feeding and usually with the out dated science-based Chemical regimen.

    Nice post. I’ll bookmark you to my blog, but have to do it manually i think.


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