17 Best Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Services in Austin, TX

Do you need lawn care or lawn mowing in Austin, TX?  This guide is for you.

To help our Austin, TX readers out with lawn care and maintenance work near them, we’ve decided to put together a curated list of top-rated lawn care services in Austin, TX, as well as a guide on how to go about creating a beautiful lawn in this great city they call the live music capital of the world.

Why hire a lawn service in Austin?

Here are 3 reasons to consider hiring a professional lawn and landscape professional in Bat City.

The heat

Well, for starters, it gets HOT in Austin.  The highest recorded temperature in Austin, TX is 111 degrees, and it gets pretty darn close to that every single summer.  Working out in the heat can lead to skin cancer or heat exhaustion, though you can get a quick tan mowing the lawn.  Hiring a professional allows you to keep cool or hang out by a body of water instead of mowing the lawn.


Austin is an oasis in the middle of the desert of Texas.  Meaning that grass doesn’t exactly like to grow here (unless it’s Buffalo grass, which isn’t great for lawns).  Therefore, hiring a reputable lawn mowing service ensures that your lawn looks the best possible, and remains healthy.

Long term costs

If you decide to just do the basics – mowing, cleaning up leaves, and occasionally edging or trimming bushes – you are doing your lawn a disservice.  So much goes into proper lawn care from fertilization, to soil testing, to aeration, to pest control.  If neglected, your lawn will deteriorate over time, and then the only option becomes resodding – which costs a pretty penny.


There are a number of amazing activities, music venues, dining destinations and other fun things to do in the Austin area.  From the shows at Stubbs BBQ, to Fishing on Lake Travis to just spending time installing succulents in your Texas garden, there are simply more things to do than there are hours in the day.  Hiring a professional lawn care service in Austin can help you free up the time to do more of these fun things.

What lawn and garden services are needed in Austin?

Austin, TX is located in Zone 8b.  The weather is hot and moderately humid – neither dry nor super humid like Houston.  Winters are mild with only a day or two dipping below freezing temperatures.  Most lawns have grass – warm season grasses – like centipede, zoysia and bermuda grass, and buffalo grass is native to the area.

Lawn mowing in Austin occurs year round for the most part.  Though at times there may be a lull during the heat when the grass gets very little rain, or during the winter when it goes dormant, most Austinites get their grass cut year round.  During most seasons a biweekly frequency is needed, unless you are applying fertilizer and watering adequately.

Speaking of fertilization, it’s important to be extremely careful when applying chemicals.  Due to the region’s lack of rainfall, grass can become fragile during summer and is susceptible to fertilizer burn.  Thats not something you want.

Finally, lawn aeration can be done any time of the year, though spring and fall are best.  Most companies that do fertilization will also do lawn mowing, and some lawn maintenance / mowing companies will do aeration.

How to Hire an Austin, TX Lawn Service

You shouldn’t go into hiring a lawn maintenance company blind.  Not by any means.  Be sure to check that they have a real business registered with the state of Texas.  Then, check their online reviews on Google and Yelp.  Be careful however, because many times businesses will have fake reviews written for them.  On the flipside, lawn care companies often don’t pay attention to reviews on their online profiles, thus appearing worse than they actually are.  To get around this, it’s advisable to do reference checks.

The top Austin, TX Lawn Care  & Mowing Companies of 2018

#1 – Kings n Queens powerwashing and lawn services

Shastell Ramirez

8105 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78715

Kings n Queens powerwashing and lawn services stands our from others in the Austin area. Their lawn care pros are reputable and attentive to detail.

#2 – Beloved Home Services

Jedidiah Brown

5809 Coventry Lane
Austin, TX 78723

Beloved Home Services has serviced Austin for approximately 17 years. Jedidiah Brown is known for being attentive to detail and professional. They offer lawn mowing, aeration and handyman work.

#3 – I.C.N. Tree Trimming & Lawn Service

Christopher Vargas

10701 Lot B Thaxton Road
Austin, TX 78747

I.C.N. Tree Trimming & Lawn Service is a grass cutting service that is proficient in lawn work, leaf blowing, and weeding. Additionally, they are one of the few in Austin that do junk removal.

#4 – Leija Brothers Landscaping

Tereso Leija

1601 Royal Crest Drive
Austin, TX 78741

Looking for a experienced grass cutting company? Leija Brothers Landscaping does washing, irrigation repair, and lawn maintenance all over Austin.

#5 – Shawn Martinez Lawn and Land

Shawn Martinez

1408 Tuffit Lane
Austin, TX 78753

Are you in search of a residential lawn service that is known for professional work? Shawn Martinez is known for lawn maintenance as well as lawn aeration, tree pruning, and even organic pest treatment throughout Austin.

#6 – Justin Services

Justin Hickman

1068 Gardner Road
Austin, TX 78721

Justin Services has provided service in Austin, TX for over 5 years. Thorough and punctual, Justin Services can handle lawn mowing, pest control, and handyman work. Additionally they do sidewalk repair.

#7 – Barbarian Lawn Service

John Krzywonsk

15820 Sambuca Circle
Austin, TX 78728

Looking to hire a communicative grass cutting service? Barbarian Lawn Service is a grass cutting service that often does grass mowing, handyman work, and tree trimming. They can also get you a quote for organic pest treatment upon request.

#8 – All Around Sonny Construction

Sonny Torres

2801 Inridge Drive
Austin, TX 78745

All Around Sonny Construction is owned by Sonny Torres – one of Austin, TX’s top gurus when it comes to horticulture. Want weed application, lawn maintenance, planting bed maintenance or something else? They can help!

#9 – Terra Organica

Felipe Manzo

2605 Whitis ave
austin, TX 78705

Terra Organica has been cutting grass in austin for 6 years. We’re the communicative grounds maintenance company that truly cares about providing economical service. Whether you need landscape maintenance, bush trimming or deck washing, our technicians can handle it!

#10 – Rules lawn service

Lauren Brockway

12313 Alderbrook Drive
Austin, TX 78758

Rules lawn service specializes in lawn work, but also often provides leaf blowing and flower bed maintenance. We are also one of the few lawn care services in Austin that often provides coy pond maintenance.

#11 – Smitty And Son Enterprises

Victor Smith

1514 Ed Bluestein Boulevard
Austin, TX 78721

Do you need to hire a inexpensive lawn mowing service? Smitty And Son Enterprises is a lawn mowing service that commonly does lawn work, tree removal, and handyman work throughout the Austin area.

#12 – Epic Maintenance

James Mcclelland

12202 Mosley Lane
Austin, TX 78727

Are you looking a lawn and landscape maintenance company? James and his pros are some of the landscaping industry’s foremost gurus. They provide good quality pest control, lawn mowing, flower bed maintenance and even stump grinding.

#13 – posada landscapes

Nestor Posada

2322 Deadwood Drive
Austin, TX 78744

posada landscapes is a grass cutting company offering high grade lawn care, sprinkler repair and other services in Austin. They are reliable and curteous. The business also commonly does sidewalk repair.

#14 – Antonios yard service

Jhony Jimenez

6914 Carwill Drive
Austin, TX 78724

In need of a experienced handyman service? Antonios yard service is a handyman service that often does grass cutting, fire ant treatment, and leaf removal. They also do lawn mowing with electric mowers.

#15 – I Care Lawn Care

Jason Clontz

Cana Cove
Austin, TX 78749

With over 9 years in business, the I Care Lawn Care brand was built on being thorough and responsive. They provide lawn service, lawn aeration and top dressing in Austin and surrounding areas.

#16 – Mower an more

Eric Livingston

907 North Meadows Drive
Austin, TX 78758

Eric founded Mower an more 12 years ago to provide reliable service to his neighbors. Now he services hundreds around Austin. He can do everything from lawn work to lawn mowing with electric mowers.

#17 – Spiceedwood Lawn Care

Carlos Dodero

10612 Scotland Well Drive
Austin, TX 78750

We have 4 years experience and are one of the Austin area’s best horticulture gurus. We mostly do grass mowing but also do grub treatment, weed application and more.