The Lovely Plants

Let your plants ‘tweet’ when they are thirsty

If you are worried for you lovely plant being ignored and left thirsty while you are away, give it a twitter account to tweet whenever it requires a drink. No kidding! There is actually a nifty device called Botanicalls that allows your thirsty plants to send reminders via twitter. You can watch those tweets to monitor your plant via web or have all reminders/tweets sent to your mobile phone.

Botanicalls is a simple electronic kit equipped with a moisture sensor that measures the amount of moisture present in the soil and sends reminders to owners as soon as the moisture level drops. You can choose to customize twitter messages such as: “I need a drink! Your lovely Wisteria.”, “Time to water your Jacaranda tree.”, “J’ai besoin d’un peu d’eau” or whatever you want. Check out this twitter account of a real Pothos plant tweeting for water.

Botanicalls Sensor

Botanicalls can be purchased for $ 3.95 US at Etsy.