22 Nov

Lovely Bloomer for Cold Climate: Leucojum, Spring Snowflake

Leucojum Vernum or Spring Snowflake, as it is usually known, is a lovely flowering plant ideally suited to cooler and Mediterranean regions. This bulbous plant originally belongs to Europe and Russia and grows very well under trees or near ponds where soil is moist or boggy.

White Flowers of Leucojum, Spring Snowflake

Spring Sowflake, Image by Louisa Billeter

The plant produces clumps of narrow, lily-like leaves of dark green color. Flowers are small and inconspicuous but fragrant. These bell-shaped flowers appear on drooping stems. Each flower has white petals that are tipped with green. Flowers appear in winter or early spring.

How to Grow Spring Snowflake

Spring Snowflake can be grown in containers, flower beds, borders or as ground covers. It reproduces itself quickly and can be propagated from divisions planted in spring. Though Leucojum would grow in almost any soil, provide it regular watering and feed in a well-drained soil under full or partial sun for best results.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance winter bloomer for your cold climate garden, Spring Snowflake is a good choice – both for beginners as well as master gardeners.

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