10 Dec

Love in a mist…

Love-in-a-mist or Nigella Damascena is a herbaceous annual from the family of Buttercup. Originally belonging to Mediterranean climates of southern Europe, Africa and Asia, this beautiful flowering plant has been a popular garden plant in most parts of the world.

This lovely annual can be grown in flowers beds, mix borders or in empty spaces is garden. Popular for its dainty flowers, Nigella Damascena serves as an attractive plant even when not it blooms. Flowers are usually blue or violet that bloom in spring or summer. Flowers of Nigella Damascena are characterized by beautiful and delicate thin bracts that surround each flower giving this plant its common name – Live-in-a-mist.

Love in a mist, Nigella Damascena

Nigella Damascena (Love in a Mist), Image by Ian Sutton

Nigella Damascena is propagated from seeds; usually sown directly in beds as they do not like to be transported or transplanted. Once established in your garden, it would self-seed to propagate itself. A sunny spot and regular soil mix with good drainage are sufficient for these hardy annuals.

When in bloom, Nigella Damascena can be easily identified by its delicate flowers that can serve very well as cut flower. Flowers last long and are also dried for using in dry arrangements.

Popular varieties of Nigella Damascena are: ‘Miss Jekyll’, ‘Oxford Blue’, ‘Persian Jewel’ and ‘Persian Rose’.

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