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Lovely Flowering Bush for Beginners: Forsythia x Intermedia

Forsythia is a small genus of deciduous shrubs known for their spectacular golden flowers. These sun loving shrubs are a must for beginners and expert gardeners alike for its ability to produce abundance of lovely flowers in early spring when very few plants would bloom.

Forsythia is grown for many purposes – garden hedge, border plant, garden screens or as solitary ornamental shrub. Forsythia x Intermedia is perhaps the best representative of its genus. Usually known as Golden Bells, Forsythia x Intermedia grows as woody bush or sometimes as a small tree with many arching branches. It is quite a quick growing bush and requires regular pruning.

Forsythia x Intermedia, Image by Maja Dumat -

Forsythia x Intermedia produces sheds almost all of its leaves in autumn followed by abundance of bright yellow flowers in late winter or early spring. It is quite hardy plant and grows in almost any soil with good drainage. Water moderately and provide it with plenty of sunlight. Forsythia x Intermedia also tolerates frosty and windy conditions.

The best way to propagate this lovely bush is from softwood cuttings planted in summer.