13 Aug

Lovely Flowering Plants for Coastal Climate: African Violets

Saintpaulia or African Violets are popular ornamental houseplants that are grown for their attractive, showy flowers that appear almost all through the year. These ornamental perennials belong to eastern parts of Africa especially Kenya and Tanzania, however, they have been domesticated in many parts of the world as outdoor flowering plants. Saintpaulia is given the common name, African violets, because of the resemblance of its flowers with true violets. African violets usually produce think, heart-shaped flowers and prominent flowers of violet, white, pink, purple and mauve colors.

African Violets

African Violets, Image by Tom D (flickr)

How to Grow African Violets

African Violets come from coastal line of eastern Africa and thus require coastal conditions to flourish – humid and warm climate. A number of hybrids and cultivars are available for growing as ornamental houseplants mostly driven from Saintpaulia Ionantha. African Violets are best grown outdoor in shady spots or at locations where they receive filtered but bright sunlight during the day and protection from frost.

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