29 Mar

Lovely Flowering Plants for Container Gardening: Mimulus, the Monkey Flower

Mimulus or Monkey Flower is a genus of free flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs and is popular for its ornamental flowers. Most species of Mimulus are sun loving plants that grow in a moist soil and produce abundance of flowers in spring.

Besides a few plants that grow as evergreen shrubs, Mimulus usually perform well when grown in containers. However, plants growing in containers should be provided with ample exposure to sunlight and plenty of water. Grow them in a regular soil mix and provide with general fertilizer for prolific flowering season. To keep the plants in good shape, prune back overgrowth of plants after flowering season ends.

Mimulus Barbatus, the Monkey Flower

Mimulus Barbatus, Image by Patrick Alexander

Some popular species of Mimulus include:

Mimulus sanguines: Evergreen shrub (up to 5 feet) with deep orange flowers that appear year round in warmer climates.

Mimulus aurantiacus: Evergreen and bushy growth (up to 5 feet), flowers are light orange or pale yellow; prefers direr growing environment.

Mimulus cardinalus: Perennial plant growing up to 3 feet, produces red flowers.

Mimulus guttatus: Prefers wet or waterside spots, produces bright yellow flowers with red throat.

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