21 May

Lovely Flowering Shrub for All Places: Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia is an evergreen and easy-to-grow flowering shrub that can be grown in almost any garden – from sandy coastal soils to rock gardens, and from sunny spots to shaded spots of garden where very few plants would survive.

Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia requires a sunny exposure and a rich loamy soil but it is hardy and often adapting to any soil type. It is often grown as nice landscape plant that fills up empty spaces with its evergreen foliage and produces abundance of mauve flowers in spring. It is quite fast growing plant that required regular pruning. Because of its erect branding habit, Polygala myrtifolia can be used as border plant, for creating hedges or just as ornamental flowering shrub.

Polygala myrtifolia grows natively in temperate regions of South Africa, however, it has been widely cultivated in Australia, Asia, and the Americas. It is usually known as September bush, or Sweet Pea bush.

Polygala myrtifolia can be grown from seeds or cuttings, and performs the best when provided with average water, sunny exposure and a well-drained but rich soil.

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