14 Aug

Lovely Flowering Vines for Hanging Baskets: Columnea

Hanging baskets are a good way to grow plants indoor especially for plants lovers who live in apartments with limited space to spare for pots and plants. Columnea is one of the best plants for hanging baskets for their ornamental flowers and their ability to grow indoors. Most species of this genus are epiphytic – usually small shrubs and vines. These beautiful flowering plants bear ornamental blooms that grow in trailing fashion thus making them a good choice for hanging baskets. Flowers usually appear in summer.

Columnea, Plant for Hanging Baskets

Columnea, Image by Kevan (flickr)

How to Grow Columnea

Columnea comes from tropical and sub-tropical parts of North and South America. These frost tender plants grow in humid and moist conditions. Provide them with a sunny location in a well-drained and rich soil. When grown indoors, the best spot for Columnea is a well-lit window where they receive plenty of light. Under indoor conditions, keep them under-watered in winter. Columnea, when grown outdoors, requires plenty of water to flourish.

Popular Species of Columnea

Columnea Microphylla – pendulous perennial plant with yellow or scarlet flowers in summer

Columnea x Banksii – shrubby plant with pendulous stem, scarlet flowers and greenish-bronze leaves. Makes a good plant for hanging baskets

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