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Lovely, Loveable, Rananculus

Rananculus is a large genus of annuals and biennials popular for very versatile and showy flowers of red, white, yellow, pink and orange color. Besides more than 250 species that include buttercups, spearworts and water crowfoots, there is a huge variety of extensively hybrid available today. Most hybrids are available as single as well as double varieties in a broad spectrum of colors.

Rananculus are moisture-loving plants and grow well when provided with cool and moist conditions. Some of the species are grown as aquatic or waterside plants.

Rananculus Flowers

Rananculus Flowers, Image by Sandy Austin

Almost all species of Rananculus produce showy flowers that last long and can be used as excellent cut flowers. Propagated from bulbs, these plants are easy to grow and maintain when provided with a rich soil and plenty of water.

From a large range of species and varieties, Rananculus Asiaticus is the most common and undeniably the most favorite among gardeners in all parts of the world. It grows natively in south-eastern Europe, south-eastern Asia and parts of Africa but grown commercially in almost all parts of the world. It is a quick growing plant and produces red, pink, white or yellow flowers that spread 3-5 cm across.

Rananculus Asiaticus is usually described as Persian Buttercup.

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