22 Dec

Lovely Plant for Hanging Basket: Callisia Elegans

Callisia is a genus of low growing plants with delicate and lovely foliage. Native to dry climate of Mexico,these sprawling plants server as excellent ground covers for dry as well as moderate climates where they are protected from long spells of freeze and frost.

Most species in this genus produce velvety, green leaves and small white flowers. The most popular and easy to maintain plant from this genus is Callisia Elegans. It can be grown easily in beds or in hanging pots. The plant produces olive-green leaves with purple edges. This ornamental plant requires a moist soil at all times and performs very well when grown under partial shade. Fertilize regularly and repot every spring in a rich but well-drained soil mix.

Callisia Elegans

Callisia, Inch Plant

Though popular for its beautiful foliage, Callisia Elegans produces small yet beautiful and fragrant flowers of white color. Propagation is done from cuttings or divisions.

Common name of Callisia Elegans is Inch Plant.

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