28 Sep

Lovely Shade Tree with Scented Flowers: Cape Ash

Ekebergia is a genus of lovely trees and shrubs from tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Belonging to the Mahogany family, this genus is best represented by Cape Ash (Ekebergia Capensis). It is a fast growing and evergreen tree; perfectly suitable for large gardens or as street tree for its ability to provide shade in sunny days.

Cape Ash Tree

Cape Ash Tree

Cape Ash bears bright glossy leaves and sprays of sweet scented flowers. These flowers are usually not showy but emit a light and very sweet scent. Flowers usually appear in spring followed by berry-like fruits in summer or autumn. Fruit is quite ornamental and serves as food for garden birds specially barbets and bulbuls. Ekebergia Capensis or Cape Ash tends to form wide canopy of dense foliage which makes it a good plant for landscapes and large gardens. In Africa, the tree is used in several herbal remedies; the bark is used to treat dysentery whereas roots are used to treat headache and heart burn.

How to grow Cape Ash tree

Cape Ash propagates easily from seeds or hardwood cuttings. Young plants require bright, filtered sunlight and regular watering. Mature plants however can be grown under full sun with moderate watering. The tree can grow up to 15 meters in height and withstands occasional dry spells and some frost. Cape Ash grows into a healthy shade tree when provided with ample room to grow. Hence, the best spot to grow a Cape Ash plant is a well-lit, airy and good room for roots in ground.

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