15 Nov

Lovely, Unusual Flowering Shrub: Liperia

Liparia is a genus of evergreen shrubs known for their lovely and unusual flowers that are covered with golden yellow bracts. Though not common in cultivation, Liparia make an excellent evergreen shrub for tropical gardens where it flowers from autumn till summer. Flowers of Liparia are quite similar to those of Dahlia.

Liperia, Mountain Dhalia

Liperia, Mountain Dhalia, Image by Derek Keats

Liparia belongs to the Fabaceae family of which a number of members are known as ornamental, flowering  plants such as Acacias and Mimosas as or as agricultural crops like soya bean, chickpeas and peanuts. Out of four species, Liparia Splendens is more popular among gardeners. It is sometimes referred as Mountain Dahlia or Geelkoppie. This beautiful plant grows as erect shrub up t0 1.5 meters and produces large drooping flowers of yellow or golden color. Flowering is followed by bean-like fruition. The plant attract ants, bees and garden birds.

Liparia is propagated from seeds or cuttings and grown in full to partial sun. Since it is native to mountainous regions, grow Liparia is a well-drained and acidic soil. Provide ample water and protect the plant from long spells of freeze and frost.

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