17 Jun

Lovely Winter Flowering Plants for Gardens: Chasmanthe

Chasmanthe is a small genus of winter flowering plants from the family of Iris mainly from South Africa. These winter-growing plants are known for their attractive flowers of red, orange and yellow flowers that grow along a tall stalk, which makes these lovely plants stand out from their neighbors.

Chasmanthes are propagated from corms and produce sword-like leaves that grow up to 1 meter. Most species form small colonies that require bright sunlight and a moist soil. Colonies of Chasmanthe can be planted in landscapes, garden borders or in the background of flowering beds where both the foliage and flowers make an excellent show.

Chasmanthe aethiopica

Chasmanthe aethiopica/ Image by faroutflora.com

Popular species of Chasmanthe include:

Chasmanthe floribunda grows up to 1.5 meters and produces brilliant orange-red flowers in winter or spring.

Chasmanthe floribunda var. duckittii is an easy-to-grow variety with lovely yellow flowers.

Chasmanthe bicolor has small growth and produces scarlet flowers in midwinter or spring.

Chasmanthe aethiopica or Cobra Lily grows up to 1.5 feet and bears prominent deep-orange flowers on tall spikes.

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