02 Jul

Fragrant Evening Bloomer: Mirabilis Jalapa, Marvel of Peru

Commonly known as Marvel of Peru, Mirabilis Jalapa is an easy to grow flowering perennial. The plant is quite unusual in its flowering habit and bears flowers of different colors on different stems of the same plant. The funnel-shaped flowers can be of red, purple, pink, yellow of white colors. These lovely flowers often bloom in the late afternoon (summer and autumn), that is why they are also called Four o’ Clock flowers. The phenomenon is related to drop in temperature; not to the time of the day. So you can probably spot Four o’ Clock flowers blooming on cloudy summer mornings.

Mirabilis Jalapa, Marvel of Peru

Mirabilis Jalapa, Marvel of Peru (image from floragran.com)

How to Grow Mirabilis Jalapa

Mirabilis Jalapa is quite easy to grow. It can be easily propagated form seeds is early spring and grown in almost any soil. Seeds are said to be extremely poisonous and should be kept away from children and pets.  Marvel of Peru requires ample water and a warmer spot to grow quickly and bloom profusely.

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