13 Jun

Lovely and Unusual, Moraea tortilis: The Spiral Grass

Moraea tortilis or Spiral Grass is a bulbous plant known for its very unusual and ornamental twisting and curly leaves that resemble a corkscrew. Native to limited regions of Namibia and South Africa, Moraea tortilis is a hardy and drought tolerant plant. In cultivation, it can be propagated in a well-drained soil and under sunny exposure. The bulb usually grows up to 2.5 cm in diameter with several twisting and curly leaves that grow up to 15 cm. The succulent and glossy leaves of Moraea tortilis are light-green providing a beautiful background to its white or purple-blue flowers that appear in spring till late summer. Flowers are usually short-lived but add dramatic effect to the intriguing beauty of its spiral leaves.

Moraea tortilis, Spiral Grass

Moraea tortilis, Spiral Grass, Image from duitang.com

Known for its beautiful, spiral leaves, Moraea tortilis makes an excellent ornamental houseplant grown in pots or hanging baskets. As the name suggests, it is not actually a grass but serves as a nice low-growing plants for containers.

Moraea tortilis can be grown indoors as well as outdoors provided that it receives plenty of sunlight, moderate water and a regular but granular soil mix.

Where to buy Moraea tortilis?

I receive many queries from readers asking where to buy Moraea tortilis. Though I have not purchased it yet, I found a couple of online sellers on Amazon. You can check them out here.

10 Spiral Grass Seeds ($5.86)

Spiral Grass Seeds x 10 ($5.44)

Spiral Grass Seeds ($7.38) from joyously

Spiral Grass 10 Seed ($5.35) from Souked

10 thoughts on “Lovely and Unusual, Moraea tortilis: The Spiral Grass

  1. i am sure there is no where in the Philippines i could buy the Spiral grass. Is it possible to order on line?


  2. I would love to purchase this plant. I live in the US. Are there any suppliers that would ship to Pennsylvania, USA

  3. Where can Moraea tortillis be purchased. Would like try it as a hanging plant & bring indoors in the winter.

  4. You can order the seeds at silverhillseeds.co.za but they are already sold out for this year.

  5. Claire, you can order the seeds at silverhillseeds.co.za but they are already sold out for this year.

  6. The plant in this photo is not Moraea tortilis! I contacted silverhillseeds who referred me to the Pacific Bulb Society website to verify that I really wanted Maraea tortilis seed. The photo shown on the Pacific Bulb Society website looks nothing like the plant in the photos above! So, whilst silverhillseeds DO stock Moraea tortilis – they do not have the plant shown in this story. I’m still trying to work out what its latin name is 🙂

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