05 Jun

Ornamental Flowering Tree: Robinia

Robinia is a genus of deciduous flowering trees and shrubs that are grown widely in North America, Central America and Europe as ornamental plants. These beautiful trees bear charming flowers of white, pink and purple shades. Flowers are often fragrant and bloom in the form of drooping sprays just like the flowers of Golden Shower tree.

Robinia Pseudoacacia, Flase-Acacia

Robinia Pseudoacacia (Flase Acacia), Image from bilisimtoplulugu.com

How to Grow Robinia

Robinia is easy to grow in almost all climatic conditions except tropical and subtropical. They tolerate frost and grow well in full sun and rich soil. Propagation is done from seeds and cuttings.

Popular Varieties of Robinia

Robinia Pseudoacacia: As the name suggests, Robinia Pseudoacacia resembles Acacia but is not related to it. A deciduous tree and spring bloomer, Robinia Pseudoacacia reaches about 6 meters in cultivation and bears white flowers in dense clusters. Branches often have small spines on them. Other names are False Acacia, Black Locust, and Valsakasia.  Robinia Pseudoacacia is prized for its hard and durable timber. Seeds are considered poisonous.

Robinia Hispada: Also known as Rose Acacia, Robinia Hispada makes a small tree up to 3 meters. It bears small rose-pink flowers in spring and summer.

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