31 Jul

Ornamental Foliage Plant for Tropics: Lipstick Palm

Cyrtostachys Lakka or Lipstick Palm is one of the most beautiful and striking palms in its genus. It can be recognized easily for its red stalks in plantation. Lipstick Palm grows as slender foliage plant up to 5 meters or more, and bears long leaves (about 2 meters) on bright red stalks. Native to Malaysia and the Pacific Islands, this beautiful ornamental palm is capable of growing in very humid conditions where very few plants can flourish.

Lipstick Palm is an excellent choice for landscapes, ornamental pot plants as well as for plantation schemes.

Ornamental Foliage Plant, Lipstick Palm

Lipstick Palm, Image by Steve Linder

How to Grow Lipstick Palm

Propagated from seeds, Lipstick Palm requires full or partial sun in a humid environment. Sensitive to cold, frost and conditions, these plants should be grown in well-drained soil. Ideal temperature for growing Lipstick Palm is 75-85 F.

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