10 Sep

Ornamental Red Ginger Plant: Alpinia purpurata

Alpinia purpurata, commonly known as Red Ginger, is an ornamental perennial that forms large leafy clumps. Originally native to tropical regions of the Central America and Asia, Alpinia purpurata is grown in many parts of the world as ornamental foliage plant.

Alpinia purpurata, the Red Ginger plant

Alpinia purpurata, the Red Ginger plant/ Image by Cliff (flickr)

Like other plants in this genus, Alpinia purpurata grows best in a rich soil and under partial sun. The plant benefits from plenty of water in spring and summer and dry conditions in winter. Alpinia purpurata is a nice addition to tropical gardens because of its lovely foliage and bright red plumes of bracts. These attractive bracts surround white flowers of Alpinia purpurata.

Alpinia purpurata propagates itself from offspring that branch under the colorful bracts. Once the plant has bloomed, the branches droop to the ground level allowing small offspring to develop roots and become independent plants.

Alpinia purpurata is usually grown to add colorful effect to garden or landscape design. The plant can grow up to 5 meters; however, it is usually pruned back after every flowering season to obtain fresh foliage and flowers in the following season.

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