12 Jul

Ornamental, Tropical Flowering Tree: Scarlet Cordia

Scarlet Cordia (Cordia Sebestena) is one the flowering trees that I would always love to grow in my garden. I just love its orange flowers that stand out against dense, dark green foliage. Scarlet Cordia is a perfect ornamental tree for tropical and sub-tropical regions where it grows into a small, compact and evergreen tree (up to 25 feet).  It is also a perfect choice for evergreen foliage in landscapes, containers or along streets or pathways.

Scarlet Cordia, Tropical Ornamental Tree

Scarlet Cordia, Image by Dinesh Valke

Leaves of Scarlet Cordia are dark green, stiff, and rough and hairy to touch. Flowers are very showy; they appear in small clusters and are followed by pear-shaped fruit of white color. Having a Scarlet Cordia in your garden not only adds colors but also ensure frequent visits of birds and butterflies.

Scarlet Cordia is also known as Geiger Tree.

How to Grow Scarlet Cordia

Scarlet Cordia is quite undemanding and easy to grow ornamental tree. It can be propagate from seeds or layering. It can tolerate drought and grows in any soil type with good drainage. Scarlet Cordia can also withstand water with higher level of salt contents. Young trees should be pruned regularly to keep them in shape. Protect Scarlet Cordia from frost.

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